Seanathan (kick_em_out) wrote in jewish_dems,

Fresh Outrage in Jerusalem

The Wakf or "Islamic Trust" an organization charged with the oversight of the maintence of the Al-Aqsa Mosque has recently undertaken a dig off the sight of the Temple Mount (Now the Dome of the Rock) with the intent of fixing and redirecting some electrical cables.  This is not a problem in and of itself, the problem is that it is being done under minimal supervision of the IDF and no supervision of an Independent Israeli archaeology department.  The very real danger is that artifacts; including rememants of the Second Temple itself could be damaged or destroyed.  

The dig is taking place over the ancient Temple Courtyard.  If the Courtyard is even somewhat intact it is an occurence of monumentous import for Judaism, Archeology, History and indeed all of the civilized western world.  To date, all that remains of the Temple (It was destroyed by the Roman's in 70 C.E) so far as we know is the Western (or Wailing) Wall and the Temple Mount itself.  The Temple Mount for the record - the holiest site for Jews - is under Arab controll and Jews are completely barred from visiting.  In fact when former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon attempted to enter the Dome of the Rock to worship at the Mount he was refused entry and the simple act of his attempt to worship touched off riots with the Jerusalem Arabs and the Palestinians - an event that led to the second Intifada.  

Incidently just a few months ago, Arab riots erupted over an Israeli plan to build a bridge outside of the Mosque compound for fear of damaging Holy Muslim artifacts.  The Israeli government complied with the Arab demands and the construction was halted.  

Today Jewish artifacts and buildings of unbelievabale significance are being destroyed and no one seems to care except for perhaps the Israeli people themselves.  But they, depsite their anxiety over this do not riot or resort to anti-muslim speech or suicided bombs.  They remain loyal to democracy, liberalism and liberty, keeping the foundations of their civilization alive in spirit even as their holy sites are destroyed - with tacit government approval.  

But spirit of civilization or not, it is a sad day for Israel, Judaism, the West and indeed the entire world; whether a third of it wants to admit it or not.
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